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Property Management for Developers

Dewl began as Great Dwellings in 2017 to help home-owners manage and optimize their property listings. We quickly realized that the love and care of a home is something we could build and curate even better, at scale. More importantly, we could do it through sustainable practices and responsible, conscientious development. As Dewl, we’ve partnered with leading developers to create premium properties in residential and commercial spaces.

With over 91 properties in 3 countries, we streamline the property management process for developers, hosts, and renters alike. By managing the process from start to finish, our expertise paves the way for easy and efficient property management.

Our guests feel the love with 94% perfect 5-star reviews.

Our partners feel the love with internal return rates (IRR) as high as 194%.

In other words, we help your investments thrive.

Build Better With Us


Perfect 5-Star Reviews


Internal Return Rates

Luxury Property Management

Luxury is a feeling, not just a quality. Our management experience of over $44 million in assets ensures the property we develop fills quickly and stays in demand.

  1. We design, curate, and showcase the property at its most stunning, including services like professional property photography we compose listings and facilitate high quality reviews
  2. We manage and handle professional services from cleaning to trash removal to keep the property at its best for as long as possible

Market Optimization

Luxury is a feeling, not just a quality. Our management experience of over $44 million in assets ensures the property we develop fills quickly and stays in demand.

  1. Prices are reviewed every single hour and adjust as needed through a data-driven pricing software and hands-on team approach.
  2. Periodically, our team of experts reviews each property to assess its strengths, opportunities, and value as the market evolves

Stellar Guest Experience

Nothing can ruin success of a high-potential property like poor customer experiences. In contrast, nothing can buoy our returns like positive feedback. Our 5-Star Quality Assurance anticipates and responds to guest needs pre-trip, during their stay, and after they have returned home satisfied.

  1. We actively promote the property and attract guests to consistently generate more bookings.
  2. Our 24/7 guest communication, from logistics like check-in to concierge needs like local recommendations, ensures help is always at their fingertips.

Build Better With Us

Case Studies

194% IRR Turns to ROI Within 6 Months

A Case Study of the first Dewl Property

Challenge: Struggling to Rent a 3-Bedroom Home

In early 2019, a local real estate investor struggled to rent out his 3-bedroom carriage home. He had previous experience with listing properties through Zeus, but a bad management experience left him wanting. Yet, every day the property sat empty, he was losing money.

Most home owners and property developers struggle to maintain occupancy and generate revenue both quickly and consistently.



15 days + $15,000 improvement
200% monthly lease rate
194% IRR

Thoughtful Management &
A Re-Imagined Listing

After a short discussion with the owner, the Dewl team reviewed the property with a simple question: where can we infuse this property with love? We presented our plan and a quote for a master lease, signed it on March 1, and the rest is history.

15 days and $15,000 later, the property was refurnished, redecorated, and totally reimagined. More importantly, it was ready to rent out. In the final two weeks of March, the property rented and generated 90% of our ideal monthly lease rate. In the second month, we garnered over 200% of the monthly lease.

The property began to see return on investment (ROI) within six months, with an internal rate of return (IRR) of a staggering 194%.

And we were just getting started.